Living Artfully

Living Artfully

Tips and ideas for making your space truly feel like home.

Being a renter, you’re on the move, but it’s important to take a minute and make your place your own. Here’s 8 ways to showcase your style and live your best life in your apartment.

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Plan Plan Plan

In most apartments, odds are you won’t have room for a 6 seat dining table, a couch with coordinating love seat, AND a work desk in the central living area. If you’re able, take a minute to prioritize your needs for the space. Choose versatile pieces that will travel with you and serve multiple uses, like storage benches and collapsible furniture


Define Your Style

Are you a minimalist? Or your style is more eclectic, or maybe you’ve never even thought about it! Picking a style or a color scheme early on is the easiest way to bring your space together as you choose decor.

You can tell that we chose black and white as our color scheme at 777, which makes it easy to coordinate furniture and accessories, as well as pops of color!


Rethink Lighting

Harsh overhead lights are reminiscent of visits to the dentist or days in the office, not ideal for relaxing at home. But lamps and additional lighting options do a lot for making a space feel cozy and welcoming. Play with string lights, table lamps and tall floor lamps.


Get a Rug, or Two, or Three

Rugs are a great way to visually define your living spaces, as well as bringing in color and warmth.


Fill the Walls

Whether you stick to a few family photos or bring your collection of vintage posters everywhere you go, wall art will make your rental instantly feel like you.

Take some inspiration and put up a small gallery wall or hang a mirror to instantly make a small space look bigger (with temporary adhesive strips of course! ).


Organization is Key

No, organizing your stuff isn’t the most glamorous part of decorating a new apartment, but it’s essential! It’s hard to showcase your style with clutter all over the place; throw your stuff into special bins and buckets to transform it into a part of the room.

Be A Plant Parent

Houseplants are all the rage right now and with good reason. Foliage brings color and life inside, especially if your unit has no outdoor space. No green thumb? Pick up an artificial plant, we won’t tell anyone.


Mix and Match

Play with different textures, metal, wood, or fur to add dimension and interest. Accessories are the easiest pieces to change up when you want a different look.

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Hear it LIVE!

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