Hear it LIVE!

Hear it LIVE!

Living Artfully means a lot of different things to different people, especially when it comes to music. Music connects people, whether they are your neighbor or live across the world. Our LIVE! program allows our residents to experience this art at home every month!

Regardless of the genre - pop, gospel, theater, country, hip-hop - music allows each one of us to express ourselves in our own special way. It is a medium to share a piece of who we are. For some it’s a hobby and for others, it’s a lifestyle. Some of us practice all of our lives to play and others simply enjoy listening. Musicians use their talents to express love, heart break, happiness, or even how much they love their dog!

Here in Chicago we are known for top-quality music. We are lucky to have an abundance of live venues; Buddy Guy’s Legends, Winter’s Jazz Club and Reggie’s Rock Club are a few of our favorite local hangouts!

The rock band, Kariz-ma, joined us at our November LIVE! event and shared their opinions on music and Living Artfully:

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How long have you been in music?

“I have been in music for 41 years. I have sung all types of music from gospel and theater to even winning at the Apollo. She is one of the original member of the band Nitro Jazz, which is now Kariz-ma.

What does living artfully mean to you?

“It means to never give up on your dreams. If you believe in the arts, you should follow it and you will succeed. It allows us to live with who you are.”


How long have been in music?

“I have played the trumpet since 1968. I have been able to play with so many bands in Chicago. I am one of the original members of Nitro Jazz as well. “

What does living artfully mean to you?

“It allows us to express ourselves with people and to each other. I do not think I can survive with our music in my life. I want to paint the world with music”

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Living Artfully

Living Artfully