Meet Sheena & Frank

Meet Sheena & Frank



I'm Sheena and this is Frank.

How do you take your coffee?

With just a little bit of sugar-free vanilla cream.


My main hobby is going to the local Goodwill and looking for fun vintage finds to wear. You can find the best stuff there!

I also volunteer, play tennis in the summer and take Frank on long walks around the city.


What can't you live without?

Frank. Obviously.

Tell us about him!

He is super needy and super hyper. He loves the dog run and all the people in building. He gets really excited anytime we go anywhere new.

He hasn't quite figured out the revolving door yet, we're still working on that one!

Can you describe your personal style?


I like to call my apartment Pottery Barn meets Hollywood Star in a cabin in the woods in Wisconsin.

Anything specific?

Being from Wisconsin, I have a wicker deer head in my apartment.

What does Live Artfully mean to you?

I think Live Artfully is about being a part of a community within your own building. To be creative and to be free to make it your own space. Everyone has their own unique style and does their own thing... why not embrace it!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.25.39 PM.png

I love my apartment. I've spent a lot of time decorating it and making it my own home.

777 at Manifest Urban Arts Festival

777 at Manifest Urban Arts Festival

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